Inspection Services


Field Representatives are domiciled throughout our operating area in order to provide the most rapid service to all areas and hold costs as low as possible. With emphasis placed upon the importance of appearance, a professional presentation and accommodating, considerate behavior when representing the interest of our customers. Field representatives are provided a complete identification kit which includes their corporate identification document, a photo ID badge, and individual business cards.

Every effort is made to maintain a maximum turnaround time of thirty days or less, under most normal circumstances. Where it is possible to do so, special services and rush reports are available. Reports are typically provided on the appropriate forms designed and utilized by Index Research Services, Inc. A wide range of formats at varied prices, are available to our customers and in many cases, client forms can be employed upon request. Because we do our own form design and creation, special forms can be created to address the particular requirements of our customers, where volume usage merits.


Although the majority of our field staff specializes in either Commercial Lines or Personal Lines services, each staff maintains representatives domiciled throughout the service territory, to provide the best possible time service to our customers. Index Research Services Field Representatives must pass stringent testing and orientation prior to conducting any inspection to ensure that they understand the requirements and procedures for our customers. As in the case of our Commercial Lines field staff, the Personal Lines field representatives are supplied with corporate identification to policyholders and others with whom they may interact.

To assure that our customers are able to obtain only the information they require, Personal Lines reporting forms are available in an array of formats and styles, and incorporate varying amounts of information and details. Custom designed forms can be used for special programs, and we enjoy working with our customers to achieve special rates and services to address re-underwriting programs or other high-volume applications.


Replacement cost estimate reports are available from Index Research Services, employing both Marshall & Swift/Boeckh and e2Value programs for cost estimating.
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